Suffolk Farmhouse

Location: Kettleburgh, Suffolk

Aspect: Open to all aspects

Soil Type: Heavy loam with clay in places

Existing Features:

Surrounded by open fields, the three-acre garden sits on one of the highest points in Suffolk.

Conifers and evergreen hedges heavily partitioned the garden and there was a natural pond, a large open paddock, converted outbuildings and an old tennis court in much need of restoration.

Opening Up The Garden

Having lived, surrounded by dense evergreen hedges for many years, the client was keen to open up the garden design to reveal the beautiful Suffolk landscapes beyond and take full advantage of the gently rolling countryside and rural views.

Harmonious Planting

Textural planting was chosen to blend harmoniously with the nearby fields of wheat and barley, providing movement and sound as the plants caught the gentle summer breeze.

Peace and Relaxation

My client wanted to enjoy the newly opened up garden for peaceful relaxation and a number of seating areas were positioned to maximise the sun at various times of the day.

Why I Loved Working On This Suffolk Garden Design

My inspiration for this design was the countryside that could be seen from my client’s back doorstep and I wanted the garden and Suffolk landscapes beyond to blend seamlessly. I created different garden ‘rooms’ throughout the traditional garden using textural planting; repeating colours from area to area to unite the different spaces. Planting grasses around the serpentine wall near the swimming pool was my favourite part – it created movement and sound, bringing the area to life.