Georgian Country House

The garden was largely overgrown with areas of lawn, oversized hedges and shrub borders which enclosed the house. There was also a rather neglected pond. There were also many mature and self sown younger trees dotted throughout the site.

This Georgian farmhouse had been extended and modified over the years and our clients commissioned us to create a garden which provided them with distinct outdoor living spaces, linking with the different rooms in the house. The inclusion of a large lawn area for their children and there creation of views out into the countryside were also to be considered. More importantly, they wanted their new landscape to be sympathetic to and harmonise with their gorgeous country house.

The planting borders situated near the house were to be full of colour, texture, and scent, providing interest throughout the year. As the garden moved away from the house and eased into the landscape beyond, the planting was to be simplified. 

We rejuvenated the pond and positioned sculptures as focal points around the garden to direct the eye. The boundaries of the garden were delineated using classic estate railings which are open in appearance so as to maintain a flow from the garden out into the surrounding paddock and farmland.

Georgian Country House

Georgian Country House

Using traditional York stone, we created a number of interlinked seating areas where the client could enjoy the sun at any time of the day as it moved around the house. The main terrace was designed to be an extension of the kitchen and dining area.

We also created a larger, more open space leading away from the house to views of the landscape beyond.

We particularly enjoy projects that balance the requirements of modern living with traditional properties and rural locations. In this instance, borrowing from such a beautiful landscape helped inspire me to create this stunning garden.