Trees are amazing. I have a passion for trees and believe in ensuring sustainability, choosing trees and materials that are both visually and biologically suited to your garden.

Trees are the largest plants on earth, providing us with oxygen, preventing soil erosion and offering a safe haven for our wildlife. They also provide unique patterns of shade, fruit, colour and fragrance which as an experienced garden designer, fill me with sheer delight and why I take such pleasure in including them in your home garden design.

Planting Your Garden


One of the biggest challenges faced by garden owners now is a lack of privacy. Trees are a brilliant way of screening parts of your garden to add a sense of shelter and solitude. From visiting your garden, I can quickly assess your requirements and provide solutions to these problems, transforming your garden into a secluded haven.

Using only the finest suppliers

I source, mature and semi mature stock from the best suppliers in the UK and Europe to ensure that the trees and plants you are getting are healthy and well grown. I look for trees and plants that have been transplanted numerous times to ensure their root systems are well developed in preparation for lifting and re-planting. The root system is key to selecting a specimen which will establish well in your garden.

Planting Your Garden

Planting Your Garden

Tree Health And Longevity

The best way to achieve tree health and longevity, is by looking at the soil and environment in which they grow. The fungal network (mycorrhiza) in the soil, supports the tree’s immune system. Often, this network is ignored, causing problems in tree populations worldwide.

Using predominantly organic materials and best horticultural practice, I make sure my trees and plants are given the best possible start, to ensure that they establish quickly and thrive in the years to come. This holistic approach makes sure that the design and planting of trees is mutually beneficial, to my clients, the tree itself and the environment in which it takes root.

Garden Care

Every garden is different and as such, every garden needs to be cared for a bit differently too. Given the investment in your new garden, all plants and trees must be looked after correctly to maximise their chances to develop and grow. I can help you by arranging weekly or fortnightly visits from one of my team. Likewise, I offer quarterly visits to carry out more of the technical tasks such as pruning and feeding.

For examples of how additions like these can transform your garden, you can explore some of our past successes in our Case Studies or browse for inspiration in our Gallery Interested in discussing ideas for your own garden?

Planting Your Garden